All of our filtration systems are designed for open ditch irrigation systems and can be easily customized to meet your specifications. As water goes into a machine, our filtration systems remove trash and other various particles so only clean water flows downstream. These are designed specifically for agricultural use of any kind, including dairy farms and fish hatcheries. Hydroscreen doesn’t require constant attention so you can spend your precious time on things other than maintenance. Our models use UHMW plastic rollers so there is minimal wear or rust.

When selecting an installation site for your Hydroscreen, consideration should be given to the following items:

Water Filtration Systems

We currently offer eight models of filtration systems - three models are self-propelled while the other three are electrically powered. Check out the information below to understand the specifications of each model.

If you have questions about which of our products is best for your irrigation system, please give us a call or send us a direct message.

If you are interested in our two custom models, please contact us using the button below.

These models are self-propelled systems driven by the flow of water.

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These models flow the same amount of water as the water driven models but work much better where water is stagnate or moves very slow.

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