What We Do

With over 48 years of industry experience, we build and distribute water filtration solutions for irrigation systems of any size. Clogging of sprinkler systems is a common problem found in irrigation systems and can lead to costly consequences and significant production losses.

Our Products

All of our filtration systems are designed for open ditch irrigation systems and can be easily customized to meet your specifications. As water goes into a machine, our filtration systems remove trash and other various particles so only clean water flows downstream. We currently offer two types of water filtration systems:

Self-propelled system driven by water flow.

Electric driven system for slow moving water.


  • “We have been using Hydroscreen trash catchers for many years now and I can’t imagine irrigating without them. They also work great as a pre-cleaner for our drip irrigation systems, saving us a lot of time and hassle. I look forward to installing more Hydroscreen units in the future!”
    Lynn Fagerberg
    Fagerberg Produce
  • "I have been using Hydroscreens for the past 25 years. I run a total of five units to remove the excess trash that we have in our river and reservoir water. I flood irrigate with siphon tubes so without the Hydroscreen this wouldn’t be possible. I would have to hire at least two additional employees, just to keep checking clogged siphon tubes. Hydroscreens are a plus to my operation."
    Ed Croisant
    Eaton, Colorado