Warren Milne, Owner

Opening our doors in 1961, Hydroscreen began creating durable solutions for water filtration problems. The company is now led by Warren Milne, who purchased the company in 2006. He has since instilled a culture of continuous improvement and high quality. With 48 years experience, we strive to build and distribute water filtration systems that match your needs, removing trash and debris, to keep your water system running smooth.

Justin Lee, General Manager

Justin Lee, a Casper, WY native, began working in the farm industry while he was junior high, changing direction only after high school. Upon graduation from Eaton High in 1999, he broke off to do custom home construction, and eventually window and siding installation. In 2003, he opened his own subcontracting business, doing work for several different companies, mainly installing windows and doors. After a very successful run at that, he branched off again in 2011 to go work in the oilfield, doing rig work, drill pipe inspection, etc. Since leaving the farm life, Justin longed to return to his roots. In 2012, Warren asked Justin to come work for Hydroscreen Inc., temporarily. Today, Justin is celebrating 10 years with the company. He is now the General Manger, in charge of "getting done what needs to be done."

Here at Hydroscreen Inc., although our main focus is our irrigation filter machines, we are capable of fulfilling all of your needs. With a plasma table capable of cutting up to 1/2" material, a full service shop with any and every tool you can think of, a plethora of equipment and a trio of creative minds, we can do whatever needs to be done.

Our Machines

Our units are designed to remove trash and debris out of your water, which easily attach to your sprinkler or irrigation system.

We can design our systems to operate successfully in concrete or dirt ditches, with several different sizes and capacities depending on your needs. With extra options and upgrades, we can confidently design the right machine for your needs, whether that be for a large corporation or small scale farm.

We provide one of the only irrigation systems designed for flat farm use, all of which are hand built right here in the U.S.A.

Our standard machines are built using 16 gauge, galvanized metal. Our custom machines are built out of 6 inch wide, ¼ inch thick, channel iron. We offer additional options and upgrades, including, but not limited to, powder coating and stainless steel wear parts. All parts and labor include a one year warranty.

Read more about our filtration models to see if a Hydroscreen is a good fit. Whatever your needs, we are here to tailor a system to your specific requests. Send us a direct message today and someone will be in contact with you soon.